Leatherette labels

Leatherette labels are suitable for labelling or decorating many types of products - such as clothes, hats, handbags, furniture, knitted or crocheted products, toys and more. Leatherette is easy to maintain and is washable. For labelling products that are washed regularly, we recommend high-quality and durable Premium leatherette or first-class two-layer TOP leatherette. Can be washed at 40 °C, must not be tumble dried, do not use fabric softener. Regular washing of the leatherette can cause the logo to fade. An exception is the new TOP leatherette, which consists of two layers; the logo is the same colour as the bottom layer and it does not fade.

We can make leatherette labels in any shapes and sizes for you. In addition to labels, various applications can be produced upon agreement (cut or engraved), washers for eyelets, zipper loops, cord ends, pendants, various components for the production of handbags and other products; they can also be glued or sewn together, etc. We also sell PREMIUM leatherette by the meter. You can easily sew leatherette labels on using a conventional sewing machine, or we can make holes for manual sewing or riveting.

We engrave motifs and logos in leatherette, i.e., we burn them with a laser. It is therefore impossible to select the motif colour; it is determined by the colour of the material. The colour of the logo is therefore determined by the burning of the base material The logo can fade with regular washing, especially on leatherette. Darker colours make the logos less prominent. We recommend using such colours for larger logos without thin lines only.

We have various leatherette colours at your disposal. The highest quality is the PREMIUM leatherette which meets the regulations for use for children under 3 years. We can provide a declaration of conformity with the labels upon request. The PREMIUM leatherette has a smooth surface and therefore even minute details of the engraved motif are clearly visible. Leatherette is durable, soft, thin, pliable, can also be used for labels sewn over the hem, etc.

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