Leather labels

Leather labels are suitable for products such as handbags, wallets, shoes, furniture, etc. That is, only for products that are not washed. Leather cannot be washed, only treated with a damp cloth. After soaking, leather bleeds, hardens and is destroyed. If you need labels for clothes or other products that are washed, choose leatherette or suede.

We use first-class cowhide with an eco-certificate and a certificate of suitability for children up to 3 years of age. The leather is dyed, soft and about 1.2 mm thick. We can also offer solid undyed vegetable tanned leather with a thickness of 3 or 5 mm. Click HERE for leather colour chart.

The motifs and logos in leather are laser-engraved. The colour of the motif cannot therefore be chosen; it is determined by the colour of the material and will look the same as in the colour chart.

The leather labels can be in any shapes and sizes. Most standard sewing machines can sew through this leather, it is only necessary to use a special needle for sewing leather. We can also supply labels with holes for manual sewing. Besides labels, various applications (cut or engraved) for decorating various products, various components for the production of leather handbags, wallets, etc. can also be made of leather.

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