Suede labels are suitable for labelling or decorating various product types - clothes, handbags, hats, furniture, toys, knitted or crocheted products and more. Suede is easy to maintain; we also recommend it for labelling products that are washed regularly. It can be washed at 40 °C. Do not tumble dry, do not use fabric softeners. Regular washing may cause the logo to fade slightly; the logo fades less on suede than on leather and it is permanent.

We can make suede labels in any shapes and sizes for you. In addition to labels, various applications can be produced upon agreement (cut or engraved), washers for eyelets, zipper loops, cord ends, pendants, various components for the production of handbags and other products.

You can easily sew suede labels on, using a conventional sewing machine, or we can make holes for manual sewing or riveting.

The motifs and logos in suede are laser-engraved. It is therefore impossible to select a motif colour; the logo colour is given by burning the base material. Suede has a fine grain and it is not suitable for tiny logos with small details.

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