Wooden labels

Engraved wooden labels can be used to label and decorate various products - such as furniture, handbags, crocheted baskets, but also as labels for jams or other food products. They can also be used as various labels, price tags, name tags, or photo logos.

Large formats are possible (max. 80x50 cm when made of plywood, max. 60x30 cm when veneer is used). Ideal, for example, for advertising signs, logos, marking of business facilities and much more at your request. Also suitable for sales stands.

We produce wooden labels and signs using 3 mm thick plywood in birch or poplar shades or from first-class double-sided veneered board 3 mm thick in maple, walnut and cherry shades. Click here for the colour chart.

Below you will find an indicative price list. Large formats will be calculated individually.